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Interchange / Intermix

Demystifying interchange and intermix and understanding the difference and it’s importance relative to risk, safety and performance is one of the most important criteria when selecting a instrument tube fitting supplier or making a change to another supplier.  

The mystery:   One manufacturer promotes that it is impossible to have a safe, reliable tube fitting if one interchanges or intermixes, other suppliers say well one can interchange but cannot intermix while other suppliers say sure we can intermix and interchange will all.    It is also important to understand the “What if there is a failure” and what is behind the claim that we support interchange, intermix or both.

Demystifying starts with a clear definition of the interchange vs. intermix.  The definitions are often swapped, changed and/or twisted by manufacturer representatives to sell or support a particular position.


SSP vs Compatible Brand Nut ImageMeans that the nut and ferrule(s) combination from SSP can be assembled with the body of a compatible brand, and vice-versa, to produce a working, leak-tight fitting.  Interchange is illustrated in the image below.  Fitting interchangeability means that SSP customers with other compatible brands of fittings in their instrumentation systems can freely replace tubing and discard the old end connections.  By using the SSP end connections, they can connect to any valve, pump, gauge or fitting body and know the     new connection will be trouble-free.

SSP tube fittings are also interchangeable within the SSP Brands Duolok, Unilok and Griplok.  This means that the nut and ferrule(S) from any of the three brands can safely be used across any body within the three brands. Interchange and Intermix are both SSP approved practices, as long as they are performed with the approved compatible brands.




SSP vs Compatible Brand ImageMeans  that any combination of SSP tube fittings components can be used with the components of a compatible brand giving the the user the opportunity to achieve maximum safety and value.  Intermix is illustrated in the image below.  Since both products are manufactured to precise tolerances under rigorous quality control procedures, the components can be intermixed and still deliver safe and reliable performance, provided they are properly installed and maintained.






SSP's intermixability means SSP tube fitting components can be used as replacements for components in compatible fitting assemblies, providing the ultimate flexibility for SSP customers in their instrumentation systems.DGU compatible brands image

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